Scott Harrison Tyler (mandolin/ guitar/ vocals) - Scott began banging on the piano from his dads knee as soon as he could move his arms.  At thirteen he broke from the judged Classical recital doldrums for the seductive world of electric guitar.  Skipping school to transcribe Iron Maiden guitar solos soon led to a return to Classical music, this time on guitar.  At seventeen, he started building guitars and went on to use them during college, performing regularly with the BSU Classical and Jazz Guitar Ensembles.  After a shocking crash course of Zappa 101 administered by a college roommate, Tyler became fascinated by Jean Luc Point's five string electric violin.  Realizing that the rules could be broken, he began to build himself custom multi-string mandolins, violins and bass guitars. These unique axes combined with some pretty quick fingers and improvisational talents soon found Tyler in the bands Farmdog, Nada Brahma, Buckskin Bible Revue and most recently the Black Jack Moonshiners.

Kayleigh C. Jack (fiddle/guitar/vocals) – Kayleigh is the grand-daughter of former concert pianist Patrica Jack. She began her  music life as a young classical violinist and fiddle player with orchestras and bands throughout Idaho, such as the Boise State University Orchestra, Eagle Chamber Orchestra, Holy Apostle's Music Ministry, Americana On Tour, Stonefly Stout, High Desert, Buckskin Bible Revue, Vivaldi String Ensemble, Buckshot Country Band and teaming up with countless individual artists. Her accomplishments include winning or being a finalist in VH-1 Song of Year, CMT Music City Madness, Jerome Idaho Fiddle Fest, Idaho Brightest Stars, Nashville Star Search, Lions Gate Films National Talent Search, Nashville Songwriter of the Year and several other national competitions. Kayleigh is known for her varied instrument skills, particularly on violin, and her ability to step into any song or band for the first time and perform like a finely rehearsed pro. She has a warm sensitive voice that can melt a sidewalk or rip it apart like a backhoe. Her instinctive harmony is nothing less than natural gift. “…she’s one of those rare musicians that seems to have the whole package”, Dr. Milne Harper, UM (Judge, Nashville Star Search)

Jason Griesa – Bass Guitar Jason Griesa – Bass Guitar/Random acts of lovely confusion - The universe, I assume, missed and dropped me smack dab in the middle of Flint Michigan where at an early age my Grandmother taught me which bass pedals to press while she jammed  church hymnals and the holy gospel on the organ above me. Meanwhile Grandpa was singing opera and gospel down in the family room with such passionate force it almost inadvertantly triggered the Heavenly Rapture. A few years down the road I got my first bass guitar at age 13 and a half and have been completely obssessed since. first it was punk and hardcore, with a little motown and r&b thrown in for a little yang. Then at age 21 I began a journey that has taken me across the nation several times playing Punk and Southern Rock in Arkansas to Bluegrass and Jazz in Colorado to Psychedelic experimentations in mescalidian theory in Eugene and Portland. Now i just mash it all together and smear it all over my fingerboard.

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